Nowadays we can easily find people who like and concern about the decoration of the interior design in their places through the internet or other social media such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

People these days would like to apply the materials as simple but unique, which is the hardest thing for the designers, but we can say it is easy to design like that as decorating all the sides simply but applying feature tiles on another part for the unique perspective.

Subway Tiles

Defines a subway tile is a minor tile where usually install to is kitchen splashbacks. It comes in numerous sizes, colours and the finishes as well. The rectangular shape with a mono colour is the most common design of the subway tiles but here also turns up the geographic shapes and artistic designs. It also well fits on the bathroom along the shower walls with a particular pattern as feature walls regard more the modernism.

The patterns in subway tiles have plenty of ways to install. A base on the brick pattern which puts every subway in 20mm back in next row. It also well balanced with herringbone pattern in any sizes even the smallest size fits perfectly in your kitchen or bathroom niche.

Square Tiles

A little piece tile well designs for your place where you want to give a sense of simple and but strong look. The Metro Handmade series from our range or Zellige series of the tile average range in Australia which is contained with vintage pastel colours shade well harmonised where applies the antique ambience such as warehouse café or restaurants as the best spot to place. It comes regularly with 300X300 mosaic tiles, which is consist of six little pieces, for the swimming pool and counter islands and the decorated walls or floors in the retail stores such as cafes, restaurant and other commercial stores as well. However, we also can find the single pieces in a bit bigger size in a 100X100 and 200X200 which absolutely suits the bathroom where employed on floors or walls.

It is also used to kitchen splashbacks or bathroom shower niche areas as designed the mosaic tiles for the point walls with the highlighted colours for examples aqua or magenta. As Panton colour of the year 2018 has been announced the year colour with UltraViolet, we can see that the tile colour range was turned a board in a pastel and high chroma.

Herringbone / Hexagon Geometric Tiles

The geometric formed tiles in a single piece or even mosaic tiles now have been coming out for the contemporary designs. It brings a sense of the artistic and modernistic to your place whether the kitchen, living and bathroom. You can match those tiles along with the other simple mono colour tiles to makes your place to be more luxurious with the colour or tile pattern variation.

Here have numerous vivid and soft shades to help and control the atmosphere of the area. With vivid shades help to be bright and brilliant, and soft shades to be smooth and relaxed. You should create your own tile pattern with these geometric tiles for the better and best place!

Penny Round Tiles

Represents a mood of minimalism and modernism in these days along with bathroom and living feature wall, kitchen splashback and commercial areas as well. The black and white were the primary and common colours to use a few years ago, but the softer pastel shades are also released in these days for the gentler and calm ambience. The penny round tiles well fit whether both classic and modernistic places as it is the basic form of the figures.

It has emerged with a mosaic tile which is able to bend around to the corners as flexible to manage and control to stick it on. It supports being cozy and charming around the place with various shade matches. To give a tip of the installation of the pastel coloured penny round tiles, by settling it around the built-in bath walls and tops for the unique mood in your place and maybe also put it between the basin and over cabinet as well.

Timber / Concrete Look Tiles

To touch a sense of nature of the tiles, the cement or concrete appearance is the best way to explain. The timber look porcelain tiles were the vogue for last ages, and it has gained a huge interest in the world with various ranges. Although, today the most common and popular item for the places is the concrete look tiles. It furnishes an essence of gravity, calming and relaxed whether in lighter or darker colours.

Those tiles in your home assist the ambience goes natural and pure which gives you feeling the best and better than other places. The reason why we prefer to install the timber tiles and concrete look tiles is that of the usability and applicability of its feature. With the original timber and concrete on the floor could have and incur a risk of environmental issues such as the cleaning or sustainability due to its characteristic. With the surfaces of the tiles, it is easy to clean and preserve its character and features of it by keeping manage to it as it is unless crushed it to pieces.

Here are described five different items of popular ranges in Australian for 2018’s. Have a look for the tiles you might like for your future place or even current progressing projects for the best contemporary spot through our online website:

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