Initial Tiles is not your average tile shop around Penrith, as a matter of fact there are many things that set our tiles and how we sell them apart from many of our competitors. We like to think of ourselves as being one of the leading sellers of high quality tiles in the country with a growing cliental, ever since we opened shop just a couple of years ago. Though we are often credited with being the fastest growing distributors and perhaps one of the most experienced businesses in this industry, the fact is that we offer top notch quality at the best price which has earned us an iron clad reputation. That said in order to ensure that our tiles are the very best in the business, we work hard to check the quality of every tile so that our clients never have to worry about defects or low quality purchases.

Dozens of choices

At Initial Tiles one of our goals has always been to provide our clients with an array of choices. We have worked hard to ensure that we have the largest selection of the highest quality tiles unlike any other tile shop around Liverpool, Baulkham Hills or Nothmead for that matter. Our tiles are procured from across the world from some of the leading producers known to produce the highest quality tiles in the world. It goes without saying that procuring an ever expanding range of tiles can be challenging but it’s a challenge that we feel is always worth it when our clients can find exactly what they need right here without them having to invest time and money when importing from abroad.

While we have tried to list every possible type of tile that we sell, our website fails to do justice to our growing selection of tiles. As a matter of fact the only way to really take in our collection is to pay our showroom a visit. We strongly believe that what you see will be unlike anything else you’ve seen in at other tile shops in the country.

Wisely priced

Anyone who has purchased tiles a couple of times from a tile shop around Baulkham Hills or any other place for that matter can attest to the fact that some tiles are in fact cheaper than others. Then again it’s not always the quality of a tile that dictates how much its priced at. While our prices vary from one tile to the next we have worked hard to ensure that they are available at the best possible prices. This is despite the fact that every tile that we sell has to be passed through our strict quality assurance team in order to ensure that our clients never have to deal with defective tiles when they buy from us. Plus because our tiles are of the highest quality, they offer a much longer service live, look better and most of all help you save money in the long term.

Pay us a visit

The best way to buy tiles from us is to pay us a visit. Our tile shop is manned by a team of experts who are always more than willing to help you make the right choice. However, you can always start by calling 02 9623 0000 or send us a message via our online form.