When it comes to buying tiles, most Australians are spoilt for choice. Unlike a few decades ago, the country has recently been flooded with all types of tiles driven mainly by growing demand, which quite frankly are enough to confuse the average person. This is despite the fact that all tiles sold are not necessarily of the highest quality and backed by a guarantee like ones we sell here at Initial Tiles. Our tile shop in St Marys currently has one of the largest selection of tiles which come backed with a satisfaction guarantee. In addition, to the fact that they have been passed through strict Quality Assurance to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Our goal, as one of the leading sellers of high quality tiles is to ensure that people always know that they are buying a quality product when they do business with us. This is regardless of their budget or what tiles appeal more in terms of aesthetics.

The best tiles from across the world

Our tile shop in St Marys around Western Sydney carry the largest selection of tiles which are brought to the country from across the world. Our solid and long standing partnerships with some of the most established and reputed international sellers of high quality tiles allows us to offer our customers the best from across the world. This is why we are not just able to sell the widest selection of tiles but also ensure that our tiles are of the highest quality. That said we still put every type of tile we sell through strict QA (Quality Assurance) just to make sure that our clients are never stuck with low quality and defective pieces.

Pricing that’s highly competitive

Anyone who has purchased tiles knows that some tiles can cost a lot more than others. While the tile market keeps changing internationally, we tend to stay ahead of the trend in an effort to offer the most competitive rates. Our tile shop in Western Sydney for instance offers the best prices as compared to any other shop for the same quality and type of tile, i.e. the best quality to price ratio. This is despite the fact that we spend a lot of time and effort in trying to bring the very best to our clients. That said while buying the best tiles as compared to lower grade ones can be slightly more expensive it does end up helping people save money in the long term because they last a lot longer if maintained properly.

Consult with our experts

We know that buying tiles can be confusing and often difficult for many Australians. However, our free consultation is aimed at helping people make the right choices. Our consultants have years of experience which is why they can help you narrow down the right types of tiles depending on what you are looking for and your budget constraints. You can contact our consultants at our tiles shop in St Marys or any other outlets.

To find out more about our tiles or to get a quote call 02 9832 0032 our fill out our online form and we will contact you accordingly with all the information you need.