Buying brand new tiles can often feel like an overwhelming task for many Australians. Though the vast majority of people want to invest in the best looking tiles, and ones which are durable the fact is that it’s hard to tell if you’re really buying the right tile without being an expert. It goes without saying that even two tiles that look exactly the same may not really be the same in terms of durability and even finish if you look closely. However, unlike any other tile shop in Smithfield we sell the highest quality tiles and are always more than prepared to provide our buyers with the advice they need to choose the right tiles based on their budget, type of environment they will be used in as well as the aesthetic appeal they are going for. As tiling experts we have the experience and knowledge to assist people in navigating through our extensive collection of high quality tiles on sale. So, that they always make the best choices regardless of their budgets.

 A vast collection of the best tiles

Our tile shop carry some of the largest collection of high quality tiles in the country. Our goal is to always be able to provide people with a growing number of choices by procuring tiles from across the world. We partner with some of the world’s more renowned and respected suppliers of tiles who along with our native experts ensure that our clients always benefit from the very best quality tiles regardless of what they buy. Though at times adding lots of variety can be difficult, mainly depending on international demand for some tiles we make it a point to ensure that our shops have what people want at all times.

 Competitively Priced

Whether you visit our tile shop. you will always be offered the best prices. We have over the years taken a number of steps to ensure that our clients are always offered the best prices when they buy from us all the while knowing that they are investing in the best quality tiles that they can find. Though some tiles are inherently more expensive than others but we continue to work hard in order to ensure that they become increasingly affordable to anyone who wants to benefit from the sleek and elegant look often associated with exotic tiles.

 Take advantage of our free consultation

We know that most people are not tile experts but they often know what they want when they see it. That said there are so many different types of tiles being sold at our shops that the whole process of choosing between all of them can be daunting. Though we try to ensure that our clients know everything about a tile before they buy, we also know that understanding tiles takes years of experience. So, our free consultancy is designed to help people find the right tiles based on their budget and needs.

If you want to get the latest tiles installed in your home, shop or office then do not hesitate to call us at 02 9832 0032. If you are  interested in a particular type of tile or need a quote then send us a message via our online form.