The popularity of tiles in Australia seems to have grown quite considerably over the past couple of years. One reason for it popularity is the fact that tiles look and feel a lot more elegant and they can be much more durable than other flooring and insulating materials in places like kitchens and bathrooms. However, contrary to popular belief not all tiles are the same. As a matter of fact even two tiles that look the same may not necessarily be the same. So, it takes an expert eye to really tell the difference between a high quality tile and one that is of an inferior quality. That said the only way people can be assured that they are buying the highest quality is to buy from reputed sellers like us i.e. Initial Tiles. Our tile showroom in Baulkham Hills carries some of the highest quality tiles that people have been using for decades.

Tiles from across the globe

We have over the years worked extremely hard to bring some of the most exotic and popular tiles to Australia from across the world. Our tile showroom in Blacktown and other places is proof of the fact that we really do believe in providing our buyers with as much variety as humanly possible. However, in order to bring an array of tiles to the country we have had to forge partnerships with some of the most trusted suppliers of high quality tiles. Over the years our partnerships have yielded dozens of new tiles which were once hard to find in the country, making us the one stop solution for people who are looking for something different. That said we continue to bring the latest and greatest tiles to our buyers thanks to a growing network of suppliers.

Excellent pricing structure

We continue to work on making sure that our pricing is extremely competitive. Anyone who has visited our tile showroom in Guildford can perhaps attest to the fact that compared to other sellers we offer the best prices for both exotic and regular tiles. Our goal has always been to make some of the most beautiful tiles accessible to regular people. However, it goes without saying that there are some tiles that are obviously much more expensive than others owing to a number of factors. For instance, marble tiles which are cut from high quality marble pieces are a lot more expensive than regular ceramic tiles. But people can always trust that with us they will always receive the highest quality to price ratio.

Consult with our experts

We know that buying tiles for people who are not experts can be difficult. Judging a tile by just its appearance is the wrong approach but for people who know little about it, it’s the only approach they have. That said at Initial Tiles our tile showroom in Girraween, employ a team of experts who are dedicated to helping people choose the right tiles by giving them all the information they need. That way everyone can end up with the right tiles based on their budget and needs.

If you are looking for exotic or high quality tiles then call us at 02 9623 0000 or send us a message via our online form.