Buying tiles for some people can be more difficult than they first think it to be, especially when they are faced with dozens of tiles all of which look great. This is often the case even with seasoned tile buyers who happen to visit our tile showroom in Kellyville. The fact that we carry an array of tiles from which to choose from, many of which are not easy to find elsewhere often makes deciding for many of our customers difficult. That said as one of the most respected and reputed sellers of high quality tiles, we have a team of certified and qualified tile experts who are always on hand to help people find what works best for them. In addition, because all the tiles we sell are of the best quality, regardless of what people buy they know that it’s a quality product bound to last them years if not decades.

High quality tiles from every corner of the world

Our network of respected and well known tile suppliers and dealers across the world enables us to bring a greater variety of tiles to our customers here in Australia. Our tile showroom in Liverpool literally boasts of having dozens of tiles, many of which are not easily available elsewhere. The reason being that our tiles are sourced from suppliers that deal in often exotic and hard to find tiles. That said every piece that we sell is of the highest quality and has passed both our quality assurance as well as the supplier’s. This double layer quality assurance, assures that even slightly defected or damaged tiles do not make it to our customers.

The best prices in the industry

In addition, to bringing some of the best quality tiles to Australia we also ensure that our pricing is the very best. We have over the years taken a number of measures to ensure that our products are priced highly competitively, even though we go that extra mile to ensure that the quality is perfect for every piece that we sell. However, we acknowledge that there may be some tiles that are more expensive than others. The reason being that in general some tiles are more expensive than others, and while prices fluctuate the overall pricing difference does not change. That said our quality to price ratio as compared to any other tile showroom in Merrylands is second to none.

Need help?

We know that buying tiles is not an easy job by any measure. There are several things that need to be kept in mind, in addition to the fact that the tiles you buy need to fit in with how they will be used. Then there is also the fact that some tiles are better for office and shop use, while others are better used in homes. At Initial Tiles our tile showroom in Minchinbury is manned by a team of experts who are always more than willing to help people make the right choice. Our tile consultation is absolutely free, and we invite people to come and meet with us.

If you are in the market for truly high quality or hard to find tiles then you have certainly come to the right place. Call Initial Tiles today at 02 9623 0000 or send us a message through our online form.