Every year there are hundreds of people from across Australia who decides to either buy new tiles to replace existing ones or to give their space an overhauled look. However, the vast majority of people who buy tiles start with the assumption that all tiles are the same or they appear to be the same. Some even think that they are getting a bargain price if they find cheap tiles that look exactly like their more expensive counterparts. These mistakes often lead to dissatisfaction with the product and the leading reason why many people complain that despite buying / visiting a good tile showroom around Northmead, they were not happy with the results. As experts we know that tiles, even those that look the same can be very different. The quality can vary quite a bit and regular people are unable to spot the difference. This is why we recommend that people buy their tiles from highly experienced and reputed sellers like us.

We sell only the very best quality tiles

Our tile showroom around Parramatta currently stocks and sells the highest quality tiles in the country. While there are many other sellers who claim that they sell the very best quality or at least that their quality is superior the fact is most do not back their products with a warranty. At Initial Tile we do not just sell the very best tiles but also back our statement up with a guarantee. This ensures that people always get a high quality product when they buy from us.

All our tiles are procured from suppliers who are known to adhere to the highest quality assurance standards. Plus our own in-house quality assurance team makes it a point to check every type of tile we sell to ensure a quality product. After all we are only as good as our reputation.

Great quality and price

We believe in not just introducing Australians to the best quality tiles in the country but also pricing them wisely so that they are affordable to anyone. This is despite the fact that there are some tiles that are more expensive. However, regardless of the tiles you choose at our tile showroom around Penrith you can be assured of the very best price to quality ratio. This means that you’ll get years of service life which helps you save money in the long term.

Avail our free consultancy

We don’t just sell the best quality tiles but also help people buy them. We know that picking out a great tile for your home or office can be a challenge even if you are accompanied by an interior designer. The variety we currently sell can be jaw dropping which is why our highly experienced consultants are always ready to help you make a decision. They will help you choose the right tiles depending on the designs you love in addition to your current budget. Our goal is to make it extremely easy for anyone to buy the right tiles for themselves.

To find out more about our high quality tiles or to arrange an appointment with our consultant do not hesitate to call 02 9623 0000 or send us a short message with your contact details via our online form.