When most people are in the market for tiles they have no idea what to look out for. So, they often end up with low quality tiles if they have a small budget and at times even with a good budget they can end up with low quality. The reason being that all tiles are certainly not the same, even ones that may appear to be the same are different. There can be difference in thickness, cut type, and overall quality of the piece. The quality of a tile also influences its service life. For instance, high quality tiles do not fade, they do not crack as easily which means that they do not need to be replaced so frequently, unlike low quality tiles. At Initial Tiles we have some of the best tiles in the business. Our tile showroom in St marys carries some of the highest quality tiles, backed by a guarantee. So, people who buy from us can be assured that their investment is protected.

We sell almost every type of tile

When most people visit our tile showroom St Marys they cannot believe the variety that we have available. The reason being that unlike other types of sellers our goal is to add as much variety as we possibly can for our clients. That said every type of tile we sell is of the highest quality mainly because we have over the years partnered with some of the most reputed international suppliers who ensure that only the very best tiles make it to us. This is in addition to the fact that our own in house team of experts inspect every tile that we sell. So, the end result is that we do not just sell many different types of tiles but every one of them is also durable and looks great.

The tiles you’ve always wanted to buy

We believe in providing people with tiles that last them decades. However, even though high quality tiles are expensive in general we make it a point to try our best to ensure that they are priced competitively. That way we do not just sell the latest and greatest tiles but also at a great price that most people find affordable. This is why we strongly advise that people visit our tile showroom in St Marys so that we can help them buy the right tiles for their home or business.

We can help you find the right tiles

As tile experts we have years of experience in this industry but most people do not. This means that the average Australian certainly needs help when it comes to buying tiles. Our free consultancy service is designed to help anyone and everyone find the right tiles for their space. We use our years of experience coupled with the factors laid out by our clients to come up with the best solution for them. This ensure that our clients end up with tiles that not just look great but are affordable and end up giving years of service life.

If you need to consult with our experts or get a quote for a particular type of tile then call 02 9623 0000. You can also use our online form to send us a message.