The popularity of tiles have mushroomed over the past couple of years. While tiles have for many years been the material of choice for many bathrooms and kitchens built and renovated in the country, it is only in these past few years that the demand for anything but the conventional type of tile has grown. Today, people want different types of tiles, they want the flexibility to line their kitchens and bathrooms as well as their living rooms with tiles of various sizes, colors and shapes. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of businesses who are able to cater to this growing demand, we at Initial Tiles are fortunately successfully catering to it. At Initial Tiles, our tile showroom in Western Sydney currently sells dozens of different types of tiles, and there are new ones added on a fairly regular basis. So, there are always new designs and materials available for people to choose from.

Quality our top priority

At Initial Tiles we believe in selling only the highest quality tiles in the business. Over the years we have certainly gone a long way to ensure that our tiles are not just of the best quality but also proven to be extremely durable because of it. Today, we rely on our network of partners and suppliers from around the globe to send us the very latest and greatest tiles in the industry. Plus every tile that we sell is stringently checked to ensure that they are of a superior quality. This is to ensure our clients never have to deal with defective or broken tiles which can often be the case with regular sellers.

Great pricing for every type of tile

Our tile showroom in Western Sydney is testament to the fact that high quality tiles do not have to necessarily be very expensive. As a matter of fact we have proven that they can be competitively priced. As a professional business we take a number of steps to ensure that our tiles are competitively priced, just so that our clients receive a significant cost savings as well as get much better value for every dollar that they spend with us. It is this approach which has over the years earned us a reputation for being one of the best tile business in Australia today.

Expert consultants at your service

We know that buying tiles can often be a difficult job even if you have some experience. The fact is that it always helps to have an expert on your side when making a decision. This is why our tile showrooms in Western Sydney and other locations are manned by a team of experts. Our experts have been in the tile business for a very long time and perhaps know everything there is to know about the quality and durability of every type we sell. They are also willing to help anyone who needs to make a decision. As consultants they will guide you through the various types of tiles we have available so that you can choose the best one for your home or business.

If you are in the market for great tiles then look no further than Initial Tiles, just call us at 02 9623 0000 or you can send us a message via our online form.