To many people tiles are just something that they choose based on what design they like and then buy, leaving the installation up to a contractor. However, as many people soon find out this is certainly not the right approach to buying tiles, as a matter of fact it’s the worst approach to say the least. This approach often leads to people buying low quality tiles. Low quality tiles need to be replaced often and may not look as good a few months later. Some are known to fade and break over the course of just a few months. This is why it’s always a good idea to invest in high quality tiles from the get go. At Initial Tiles we sell some of the highest quality tiles in country. Our tile warehouse in Liverpool is home to some of the highest quality tiles and has been selling them for a very long time. So, our clients can always be assured that they are investing in the highest quality product when they buy from us.

All tiles under one roof

We have gone through great lengths over the years to ensure that our tile warehouse in Minchinbury are always stocked with various types of tiles. Today our warehouses and outlets have the largest number and variety of tiles from which people can choose. We like to think that the more choices people have the more creative flexibility they will have over how their home or office looks. It also gives creative professionals like interior designers and architects a lot more material to work with. That said in order to be able to carry this much variety we have had to forge strong partnership with suppliers across the globe, in some of the leading tile producing countries of the world. This has over time meant that we are able to introduce the latest tiles as soon as possible.

Competitive pricing

Even though there are some tiles that are always going to be more expensive than others, and while prices often fluctuate we make it a point to always offer the best price. We have a competitive pricing policy mainly because we want people to benefit from the latest tiles but without having to spend more than they should. Our tile warehouse in Moorebank and other areas sell the highest quality tiles but at a price that is competitively lower.

Let us assist you

People who are in the process of buying tiles may often be confused simply because of the variety that we offer. At Initial Tiles our team of experts are always more than willing to help people find the right tiles. Our consultants often work with clients to find the best tiling solution for their home or business. They even work with people who have budget constraints or special needs because we know that our years of experience can help just about anyone make the right choices.

If you are searching for tiles that really make a difference to the interior of your home, office, workshop or factory then we are the people you should contact. We specialize in everything tile related and so do not hesitate to call us at 02 9832 0032. You can also send us a message via our online form.