The tile industry in Australia despite being in its fledgling stages happens to be worth billions of dollars. Today, there are more people who want to buy and install tiles in their homes and offices than there ever were before. The main reason being that tiles are a lot easier to maintain, they can be installed and replaced easily as well. However, while there are dozens of companies selling tiles in Australia only a few can be credited with selling the highest quality tiles. That said from a consumer’s perspective better quality tiles often translates to long term savings since these tiles do not need to be replaced as soon as low quality tiles. So, even though they cost slightly more up front they do offer a significant savings in the long term. This is why our tile warehouse in Western Sydney and other areas only carry the highest quality tiles that we can find. It is this policy that has made Initial Tiles one of the leading sellers.

We sell the latest and greatest tiles

At Initial Tiles we have made an active effort over the years to sell the latest and greatest tiles. Over the years in order for us to offer the latest tiles in Australia as soon as we possibly could, we have had to form partnerships with leading suppliers. We have also used our years of experience in this industry to only partner with the most trusted suppliers who are known for carrying high quality products. So, the result continues to be that despite offering some of the latest designs before anyone else we are able to still offer great quality. This from a consumer’s perspective means that they can buy the latest designs for their renovation or construction project without having to worry about if they will last as long or if these tiles are in any way defective.

Priced just right

There are many people who complain that the tiles they want to buy are extremely expensive. However, people who visit our tile warehouse in Western Sydney, can see and compare our rates with any other seller in the industry. We have over the years worked extremely hard to cut costs as much as we can but without compromising quality. By cutting costs we are able to save money which is then transferred to our clients. This type of price to quality ratio means that people who buy from us can enjoy great quality but without paying more than they should for it.

Speak to our consultants

We offer free consultancy for anyone who is interested in buying high quality tiles. Our tile warehouse in Western Sydney and other locations have a team of experts who are always willing to help people find the right tiles. Our experience coupled with the fact that we understand tiles like no one else ensures that regardless of if you are looking for an aesthetically appealing tile or one that can withstand the daily grind within your budget we can help you every step of the way. This is our effort to make sure that buying tiles for you is easier and as stress free as possible.

To find out more about our high quality tiles or to arrange a consultancy with our experts call 02 9623 0000 or fill out our online form.