When most people need to buy tiles they often buy something that is within their budget without really thinking twice about the quality. While ceramic tiles happen to be some of the most popular among budget stricken Australians the fact is that there are various types of ceramic tiles. There are some ceramic tiles that are better than others. However, cheap tiles always end up causing lots of distress and hardship to anyone who buys them. Fading color, cracks, and even the uprooting of these tiles are just some of the problems faced when you install low quality tiles. That said its hard for a regular person to tell the difference between a high quality and low quality tiles this is regardless of if they are purchasing a natural stone tile or a ceramic one for that matter. At Initial Tiles we make it a point to help people find the right type of tile at our tile warehouses in Smithfield.

Never worry about quality again

At Initial Tiles we stand for quality and reliability. Our tile warehouse in Blacktown may have the largest collection of the latest and traditional tiles but every one of the tiles we have is of the best quality. As a business and as professionals we have put in lots of time and effort to ensure that our clients never have to deal with low quality or defective tiles. This is what has earned us a reputation for being extremely reliable. Our network of partners from across the globe make it possible for us to procure the latest and greatest tiles as soon as they become available. So, Australians will always benefit from the latest tiles, minus having to worry about quality.

We offer highly competitive pricing

Our goal is to not just offer our clients a large array of various tiles from which to choose from but also ensure that they are competitively priced. Our warehouse in Cabramatta is known to offer the best prices in addition to various others which are managed by us. As professionals with years of experience in this industry we have learnt a thing or two about saving money off every type of tile that we import into the country. All we do is to pass on these savings to you, just so that you save money both in the short and long term when buying from us.

We will help you

As mentioned above we know that buying tiles can be difficult even if you are assured of its quality. There is more to buying a tile than just knowing how durable it is. This is where our consultants who have years of experience help buyers choose what will work best for them. This is regardless of if you have a limited budget or are looking for something that does not require as much maintenance. We will work with you to ensure that you end up with just the right type of tile at just the right price. By going this extra mile we ensure that you’ll always enjoy your tiles and recommend us to your friends and family members.

To contact us please call 02 9832 0032. If you need to find out about a particular type of tile or require a quote then use our online form.